Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Letter from Wenda - How to be Creative

A business man has an idea, he thinks up a way of doing things. He is using the creative Law just as much as an artist who paints a picture. We speak of creative arts and creative people, but we fail to realise that all life deals with creativity.

There is no big or little, no important or unimportant. To the creative Law there is no difference between a child making mud cakes or an engineer building a bridge.

We do not create in the sense that we make something out of nothing, but only in the sense that we make something out of something. And we create a new form because we are equipped with a mind to think, to feel, to will and to imagine. So everyone who makes a demand on Spiritual Law will cause the Law to respond in the only way It can – in the terms of the demand made.

There is a creative Intelligence in the universe that acts exactly like the soil does physically, but It is a spiritual thing. It is a universal Mind-Principle responding to us as Law, operating upon our thoughts the way we think them. We do not know how or why It reacts to us, but we do know that It does; we have to accept It.

Whoever thinks about something will draw into consciousness the elements that thing about which he thinks. Whoever, as he thinks, believes this will happen, will hasten the process and clarify and amplify it by, and through, his consent, consciously given no matter what it is.

Every one of us personally has back of us the potential of the Universe. There is an irresistible potential pressing against everyone for self-expression. If we listen we shall hear it, not as a voice, but as a feeling, as a Divine urge to express. If we believe in it, it shall manifest through us, and if we keep our consciousness active and alive to it, the volume that flows through us by our consent will necessarily increase. But we have to believe that it will.

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