Friday, 17 July 2009

The Invisible Essence

Spiritual Power is defined as the dynamic quality of that invisible essence of life, intelligence, and Law which we call God or First Cause. The conscious use of this Power comes from the recognition that It actually exists, really responds to us; that we can directly contact It and definitely use It.

That there is such an invisible essence of life is evident throughout all of nature, the visible side of which but proclaims this invisible essence. Objective nature, our own bodies included, is a phenomenon of the invisible Cause which we call Spirit.

Man is an incarnation of this invisible Cause, not by choice, but rather by the Law of Life. As man touches his own thought, he touches It. He touches It with power, not because he wills this power to be, for this power is. This is the nature of the Universe. The Universe consists of will and representation. This Will is intelligent knowingness; its representation is creation.
The Will of Spirit, or the universal Will, must be goodness, truth and beauty. As we imbibe Its nature, we come into Its harmony. The Divine doesn’t come to us bringing an olive branch of peace with which to allay our confusion. The Divine knows no confusion. It persists in remaining true to its own nature.

The Will of God is peace. Only the finite is confused; the Infinite remains certain of Itself.
As we enter the atmosphere of peace, our confusion vanishes. This is not done through objective power, not by might, but through a realisation and an embodiment of that Presence which transcends confusion.

The Spiritual Presence in the universe is real and dynamic. It surrenders Itself to us in such degree as we comply with Its nature. Our consciousness is so at one with the universal Law of Cause and Effect, that when we know confusion we become confused; when we know peace we become peaceful.

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